Monday, May 15, 2017

Busy, busy

Now that Mother's day is passed, I can share the projects I'd whipped up for the moms in my life. It had been a busy week, but much was accomplished.

I had with the help of a special lady in church, created hankie roses for our Church's mother's day.

Made two more of those sewing thread catcher organizers. They went over well.

Made two bigger design boards. Mine is already being put to use for some pixel quilts.

Wanted some number pins to help keep my current row in order. So, made some. Just glued on paper to my button pins and it does the job nicely. Then needed a way to keep it organized since my design wall is in the hall. Looked on Pinterest for some ideas and decided to make my own wrist pincushion. Used a jar lid so I won't go around poking my arm.

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