Thursday, December 28, 2017

Virginia Worm Fence

We chose to change the last block to something simpler in hopes to have all the blocks finished before the New Year.

My pictures are all out of order. Ugh and I have no way to fix it.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas is Over

Hope everyone had a Blessed time through the Christmas holidays.  Family and friends are happy.

Next couple of days will be busy, Taking down the decorations and repacking them for next year.

Living room is a bit of a mess but we're getting things packed and in order and organized. Each tub is labeled and I have an itemized list of what each tub contains. I'm scaring myself...LOL

I also have to find some time to get in my craft room to sew our next block. 
This is only one corner of the entire block.  Three more of these and a little more and I should have a complete block.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Time To Rest

I helped my neighbor finish up some quilt tops that we simply made into blankets for her children. There just wasn't enough time to quilt them all.

I also whipped up a ten minute tablerunner (took 45 minutes, in all honesty) and a snowman wall hanging. As well as a batch of apple butter to give as gifts.  It has been busy around here.

Hope everyone had and has a great time with family and friends.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Got new phone

Plus a new number. Trying to load it and figure it out. Bear with me till I get used to it.

Started my Weathervane block. Have it all cut out. Now just have to sew it up.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Weathervane Variation

Here we go block 11. The Weathervane Variation and I'm going to show this as a tutorial. Hope it helps.

My color choices, graphed and ready to cut.

All my pretty pieces.

Laying it all out helps.

Starting with these blocks first. 8 to do.

Flip sew and make sure your seams are opposite, so you can nest them.

One down. 7 more to go

When putting the square these go to together. Pin the side you plan to sew. I ended up ripping and resewing the same block four times.

Put together, but not very squared.

Back on the board they go.

Now, the middle blocks. They are easier.

Sew one side press, then sew the next and press.

Sew on the bottom rectangle.

All back on the board.

I chose to do top and bottom row, first. I also cleaned up the edges I was going to sew along with my ruler and rotary cutter.

Looking good.

Sewed the center row together. Now to stitch the rows together and give it a final press.

All done and there are plenty of mistakes, though they don't show up well in the photo. I have a fabric pucker and a few seams that didn't nest properly. Still a pretty block though.

Hhmmm, Apron

With all the baking, I've been wanting a new apron. Didn't want a lot of tying and had to be able to wrap around in front to tie. I like the tieing in front so I can loop a hand towel through.

Oh pinterest please help. There are many choices on there. I liked the crossover back aprons, so I started there. My neighbor said it needs a pocket for your phone. Good idea, because I keep laying it around and forgetting where I placed the silly thing. I tried one free pattern and didn't care for it, so back to the drafting board. Finally decided to draft my own using the basic apron and a pic from pinterest for how to tie it up.


Now, just needs a little tweaking to be done to make my idea apron, but this is a good start.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Losing my mind

Started looking throughout the house for a certain book. (Mind you we're still unpacking and moving things around)

Finally found it and here's a was literally under my nose in box at my feet.

This is the list of squares we're working on.  Now maybe we'll get one joint project completed.

Back To It an Update

Just an update. Yes, we're getting back to work on our sampler quilt. Showing what I'm working with and what I've completed before I post a new block.
These are my fabrics. I'd just about forgot what they looked like.

This is the book we're using the templates from.
These are my finished blocks. As you can see only two blocks left before we can sash and border to finish our tops.

Oh Well

In the decorating contest my class came in last. Gingerbread house won first place and second place went to Candy Land. I'm happy for them both, the congregation chose what they liked.

I've been busy painting up snowmen and a couple of penquins. I think I'm getting better.

Sewed me up another 10 minute table runner. Though they take a bit more than 10 minutes. The poinsettias were a gift from my neighbor Christy.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Well, I've finished two embroidery wall hangings. One for my front door and my entrance way.

I've also been adding a hexagon diamond each day to my scrappy quilt and at least spending an hour top stitching together my
eagle quilt. Those will take awhile to finish, but they're getting worked upon.

My cookies have just about vanished and so I'm off to the kitchen to make more. Not sure if its the kids or me who have eaten the most.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


I've been busy baking up cookies last week. I've butter, gingerbread, and a brownie roll out cookie. All delicious and even tried my hand at some of those Grinch cookies I've been seeing on pinterest.

So, today I decided it was time to get busy decorating. I've been at it for two hours and my hands hurt and I'm not even finished yet. Though I am having fun and looking forward to doing more, but with a few changes.