Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This and That

Still working on many of my ufos. Though I came across some fleece recently and thought I'd use it for the back of my black and white scrap lap quilt.

It fit, yay. From there I decided to try a no-knot quilting technique. Here is the tutorial site I found:


I believe it is coming together quickly and I sure like the simplicity of it. Though it is being a pain working through batting and fleece.
My cat Skunky trying to help with my hexie diamond blanket.

This is the no-knot quilt.

Farm Fresh Eggs cross stitch, that I finally got to start working on.

What you want to work on this? Nah, it's mine to play with. You're so silly human.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Going stir crazy

Well I recovered enough from my surgeries that the doctor said I need one more and I should be done. 

I'm sorry if it makes you feel ill but it is 10 times worse on me. I'm going stir crazy because I want to get back to my sewing however I still have another week this way. Hopefully soon the staples will be removed and I can start to use my arm again.

Also my daughter made me a new blouse. All my sleeves have to be loose and no tight elastic for me to cut off blood flow.  The doctor has told me I can no longer get blood drawn from my left arm or have my blood pressure taken on the left arm.  No trauma whatsoever for the left arm. My poor right arm can get beat up, pressurized, needles stuck etc. OUCH!

Thank you Lisa. Love you.

Back To Routine

Working with the kids and even hubby to get back on schedule. Though we didn't do much during dhs time off, with all the sniffles being passed around.

Just worked on my ufos this past week. The only thing new I've done is a couple of shirts for my mom and made myself a tv tray ironing board.

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Well, I finally caught the sniffles from my family. Ugh, hate the stuffy head feeling and the difficulty breathing.

Think I'll just take the time to go through my binders and get rid of some old patterns and put my piles of patterns I've gotten from pinterest and what not away where they should be.

All I've completed is another apron this week and I really do like how it turned out.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A New Year

Started this new year dealing with a house full of sniffles and cold cold weather outside. Didn't accomplish all I had wanted to this past year, so many of my ufo are following me into this one.

Still hand stitching my wool quilt. Still working on attaching hexie diamonds to complete my quilt top. Also getting back to work on my childrens mosaic pixel quilts (4). Then also need to finish the sampler my mom and I started last year.

Plus playing around with string and crumb blocks, as well as the granny square block.

Thinking of trying my hand at quilt as you go. Need to do a bit more research, there are a lot of different options and tutorials out there to help.

Keep busy and stay warm this winter with a good quilt.
Sampler Quilt

So many mistakes, but it sure gives a quilt character.

Which one should we add next?

Mosaic pixels, can you guess what we're going to be?

Skunky wanting to help layout the blocks.
No, silly human, they are all mine!

String and Crumb blocks, still have a lot of scraps to use.

Granny Square Block. Just loving the colors.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Virginia Worm Fence

We chose to change the last block to something simpler in hopes to have all the blocks finished before the New Year.

My pictures are all out of order. Ugh and I have no way to fix it.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas is Over

Hope everyone had a Blessed time through the Christmas holidays.  Family and friends are happy.

Next couple of days will be busy, Taking down the decorations and repacking them for next year.

Living room is a bit of a mess but we're getting things packed and in order and organized. Each tub is labeled and I have an itemized list of what each tub contains. I'm scaring myself...LOL

I also have to find some time to get in my craft room to sew our next block. 
This is only one corner of the entire block.  Three more of these and a little more and I should have a complete block.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Time To Rest

I helped my neighbor finish up some quilt tops that we simply made into blankets for her children. There just wasn't enough time to quilt them all.

I also whipped up a ten minute tablerunner (took 45 minutes, in all honesty) and a snowman wall hanging. As well as a batch of apple butter to give as gifts.  It has been busy around here.

Hope everyone had and has a great time with family and friends.