Thursday, October 12, 2017

Does It Ever End

Still been busy with the unpacking, reorganizing, and general set up for a house. Silly me told my husband, I wanted the table to break down easily for when we move. Still not thinking of this place as home.

We've decided that the second living room is going to act as a craft room. Yipee! Though I still will be sharing with my kids and the occassional project of husbands.

Miss my sewing, I had started stitching my hexagon diamond patches together. Then got busy with trying to organize the craft room. It's coming along, though I do need more shelves.

Best husband ever

He not only put all furniture in sewing room...he took excuse the mess...I still have to get in there and straighten it out.  I did not realize how small this room really was. Still need more room. 

Wonderful Husband 3

Iowa covered bridges. There were a total of 6 bridges but before we left Iowa we drove to 4 of them.

He was such a sweetheart...he took all the pictures. I actually got out of car and was holding myself up by a railing and he took a picture of my rear end. I won't share it because he said that was All pictures are on my FB page.

Wonderful Husband 2

I've had a hurt shoulder for quite awhile and my hubby has been REALLY working so hard on my sewing room. We finally got it painted...Yes I helped.

But he started moving in furniture, tables, file cabinet and even making me shelves in the closet to put my projects on. Room is too small for quilt stand Lisa and John gave me but I'm working on another idea for that.

Wow my bedroom is so bare now. I can actually see my floor. (That is when we're not unpacking more boxes).

Hoping to have it all done before my surgery.

Wonderful Husband

Not only did my sweetie take me to Iowa to see John Wayne's birthplace and museum I saw the Iowa Quilt Museum and on our way home we stopped off in Hamilton, Missouri at the Missouri Star Quilt Shops. Oh I had so much fun.
I posted all my pictures on FB.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Wanting to try this one.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Still Here

Well, I've organized the shed that contains all my crafts and am sharing same shed with my teenage children. Still no sewing area and I haven't really been working on any projects. Just finishing some that I've already posted.

I've also adopted a kitten from my parents a sibling to Bryndle. This week I've been tending to all the kittens since my parents went on a road trip. Quite sure she'll be sharing her adventure when she gets back.
I've named my kitten Skunky and he is living up to his name. He's been farting when he plays at our feet and does it stink.

Hopefully, I'll have more to share later.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Almost complete

Finally persevered and working all day I have the coaster almost completed. I need to add accent to it and it will be  complete.
  Lisa did the one on the right and mine is on the left.