Monday, June 26, 2017

Our next block The Tumbleweed

Got mine cut out and I'll sew it soon. I have a busy week and next week going fishing.


We had a blast playing board games this weekend. Taught her fleet and lost both games. Then my boys joined us for Sheriff of Nottingham and once again she beat me. The next day my husband and I helped her learn Flash Point, brought the building down in the round, but saved the day in the second round. Then we had lots of laughs playing Black Fleet, I make a great pirate!

Well, the first nine blocks of our sampler quilt is done. Yay! Three more to go and glad to say they have no set in seams, double yay!! Of course, I'll need to rearrange the order of blocks.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Passing Time

Both giving a little time away from machines to play a game called Fleet.

This is our second game of Fleet today. Safest fishing game so far because last time I took Lisa fishing she launched my brand new pole (never used) into the lake. Lol

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Diamond Star

OMG! I like it but to me it was a major pain. There are so many puckers I'm glad they're in the dark part of the star.
This one I'll not do AGAIN!

Diamond Star

This is a block I will most likely never do again. Im glad we did secret drawers after all first. This block had many more set in pieces. Enough for me to shake my head just thinking about it.

Also here is the purple pixel block that I finished yesterday. Two sets down, now to bag up a third set and start sewing again.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Chair Snatcher

Been working on another of those pixel blocks. They sure do take time and lots of ironing. Looked at time and thought better prep for the grill. When I'm done and turn around to my space I see Jackwad (named by my oldest son, and I believe the cat is living up to his name where I'm concerned) has snatched my seat. He tends to sit in any seat that I've occupied, it's like musical chairs with this cat.

Laundry out

Couldn't Sleep

Out in backyard and have me a small fire going. It's cool out right now but not cold. Fire burning to keep mosquitoes off me.

Got a load of laundry washing and waiting to put it on the clothesline.

It's nice out here. Mmm coffee.